Apple fishhook product strategy

I’m not a product person, and I’m mildly interested in new products from Apple if these does not include AR glasses. Despite that, watching Apple product line I admire fact that it is quite simple with these rules:

So there is not ambiguity really. Customer should at first glance know which one is for her/him. Pros have choice, size constraint users can have it too. Default option is neither small, nor has advanced features, but it is cheapest option to have iOS, or macOS.


Rumored Macbook should have case similar to current Macbook 12", with the same bezel to screen ratio. Of course both of them will have touchbars. This feature from selling point - in eyes of Apple became nuisance for users, and only way to get more support for it from applications is to push it broader. Next year updated Macbooks Pro, and Macbook 12" should have bezeless displays.


Clearly, iPad mini(7.9") is outdated now. Its bezeless version would have display of around 9.5" it would be very close to current iPad(9.7"). Smaller iPad Pro has 10.5", even bezeless I do not believe it could fit role of mini. Rumored, bigger, iPhone(6.5") is still smaller than iPad mini, and its role is a little different than iPad. I think Apple will introduce smaller version of bezeless iPad Pro(8.5").


Rumored OLED versions: 5.8", 6.5", and LCD: 6.1" creates a perfect combination: 2 options for pro models, smaller is premium priced, clear default option.


Rumored move of Mac mini into pro segment makes sense: it would be another option for Pro users, and it would be more portable than a (rumored, more extensionable)Mac Pro. I think iMac 21" will get bezeless screen and it will be more expensive than iMac 27", so there is small, premium option, and default option is visible more clearly.

(10 September, 2018)

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